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Situated in the heart of Durban, in the vicinity of the eminent Westville area, we aspire to eliminate the stressful aspects that dominate our fast track lives, taking you through a theraputic and rest assured experience.
Our service is home to a warm and pleasent surrounding that will inevitably allow you to realise inner peace, composure and harmony.


Our prominent and professional treatments are done by proficient therapists affording you efficient and effective customer service. We at Westville Day Spa assure you of personalised attention, affording you the oppertunity of feeling hassle-free, relaxed and content. Our treatments are of superior eminence, and it thus creates an ambiance that is bound to bring out an absolute pleasurable experience.


Our competent therapists aim to treat you, a loved one or a friend with exceptional value. Westville Day Spa offers our clients the liberty of indulging and specialising packages to suite their personal requirements.
We would like to assure you that whatever special moment or day it may be, we promise you of our unique and dedicated service.


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